Frequently Asked Questions 2

What is a Community Choice Aggregation Program?

Local municipalities utilize aggregation programs to bring the community together for improved group purchasing power. The program allows for municipalities to leverage their group buying power to procure energy that replaces the utility as the default supplier of electricity.

How is the Village of Wesley Hills able to choose an electric supplier on my behalf?

The Public Service Commission (PSC) Order on Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) sets forth the requirements, terms, and conditions under which CCA programs can proceed through implementation. The Village of Wesley Hills has gone through this process and passed the necessary legislation needed to implement a program.

What happens to my existing utility?

Your existing utility will continue to deliver reliable power, maintain power lines, and respond to service outages. They will continue to send you one monthly bill. There will be no change or interruption in your electricity service. Power outages will still be reported to your utility.

Who is eligible for the aggregation program?

Most residential and small businesses residing within the Village of Wesley Hills that are receiving electricity from the local utility are eligible. Customers excluded from the opt-out program may include, but are not limited to, customers who are already with another energy supply company (ESCO), customers on a day-night rate or time-of-use rate, and customers who may be an assistance program participant. If you are currently being served by an ESCO and wish to join the program, please check with your current ESCO to verify any termination fees and call Constellation to enroll. You may also enroll here.

How do I enroll?

Eligible residential and small commercial customers that currently receive electric supply from the utility are automatically enrolled unless they have opted out. There are no costs associated with enrolling in the program.

What happens if I want to leave the program early?

You may exit the program at any time without penalty or fee. Your account will be transferred back to the utility in one to two bill cycles.

Under the program, can I continue to participate in the utility budget billing/equal payment plan?

Yes, you can continue to participate in a budget billing/equal payment plan. The utility will continue to handle all aspects of budget billing if you participate in the aggregation. Your budget bill amount will be calculated based on your historical usage and applied to the supply portion of your bill.

How much will I save?

Even though Community Choice Aggregation programs are well positioned to achieve lower, fixed-rate electricity prices for participating consumers, savings are not guaranteed. This program was designed with a fixed rate below the utility price-to-compare, which is the average projected utility price based on actual historical utility prices.

What is the 100% Renewable Energy Option and how do I join?

A Green Power option is available to you and is a 100% NYEDP (New York Environmental Disclosure [Labeling] Program) Hydro Power product. You may opt into the 100% renewable option by calling Constellation at any time. You may also opt-up to this option here. The rate change will take effect in one to two billing cycles.

Who is Good Energy, LP?

Good Energy is the energy consulting firm that administers the Wesley Hills Choice CCA program. With Good Energy, households and businesses have saved hundreds of millions of dollars through community-centric energy buying and superior energy demand-reduction solutions. Nearly two decades ago, Good Energy and its founders pioneered aggressive energy procurement strategies, leading to today’s community energy-aggregation initiatives, enabling governments and residents to pool energy buying for lower electric rates overall.
The national leader in structuring and implementing community and government energy aggregation programs, Good Energy serves more communities and residents than any other energy consultant. With more than 200 Community Energy Aggregation programs representing more than one million households, Good Energy manages energy procurement for 1 percent of the U.S. population.